The Silent Holocaust:


Screaming Out for the Voiceless


Just since the start of the Iraq war more unborn children have been killed than the number of Jews in the Holocaust! And all of it has been done with sterile gloves and voiceless cries.


I have no interest in extending anything but love to those who have suffered through the decision of having an abortion; but we must work to change the culture in which killing millions of voiceless children is allowed to be done as an American right. Germany had no right to do what they did and neither do we.


I encourage you to help spread the word by copy and pasting the code below into every blog, website and social network profile you have:


Add the abortion ticker to a blog/site/profile.




(Please do not change any of the above code. It is designed to update itself with the latest numbers.)

When you are done, be sure to check out the main missions page.