Vessels of Wrath

The Apostle Paul's teachings on Recognizing the Signs of Evil Men


Part 1: Standing on the Soulders of Giants


In I Corinthians 11:1, the Apostle Paul implores us, “Imitate me, as I imitate Christ.”


This is a daunting task, when considering that Paul was the greatest intellectual giant of his era. His world-class training was matched only by his unparalleled street smarts, wide-ranging experience, and his Spirit-led discernment.


Paul was a gracious man, who spent his entire converted life passionately seeking after and loving the people of his day. And yet, there were instances when he condemned certain people and demanded they be banished from the church; without offering them any chance for repentance or response. How could such a loving man be so unyielding?


Well, through his vast Scriptural knowledge, his wealth of life experience, and his Spirit-led discernment, Paul knew one unmistakeable truth: 99.9% of all people are redeemable, but there are a few who are nothing but pure evil, through and through.


In II Cor. 11:14, Paul says we shouldn’t be surprised when evil disguises itself in alluring forms. Evil will always come to you in ways that are attractive to you. But Paul doesn’t want you to be confused; so he writes extensively about how to recognize the signs of these evil men, whom he calls, “vessels filled with wrath, formed for destruction.” In essence, people whose hearts are so full to bursting with anger and hatred that their lives take the form of destruction, destroying themselves and everyone around them.


I met one of these destroyers--a manipulative liar with no truth in him. Over the course of three years, I watched him systematically and unapologetically seek to destroy the lives of every man who invested in him. These were good men, who gave him their time, money, and hearts, in an effort to help him--only to be repaid with the most diabolical and insidious vengeance against them.


So this blog series is here to walk you through the Apostle Paul’s teachings on these seductive destroyers; so that you can recognize the signs, before you’re drawn in so far that you end up caught in their wake, having your life destroyed by them, as they have done to countless others.